A New Era has Begun

So here it is, March.  Every March for the last 5 years has meant crunch-time for getting the readings done for our summer excursion.  Not March 2011.  History 591 excursions across historical America ended last June with a New York finale.  The education was outstanding but alas, have left me with a desire, a desire to continue my historical excursions.  While they will lack the essence of “the group”, they most certainly will pack the same exciting punch.

Not wishing to jump in both feet first, I am going to ease into this new “groupless” territory.  In fact, it is almost going to seem like old times.  Matt, Jonathan, Kelli, Christi, and 4 others will be traveling to Charleston, SC for a history convention focused on the topic of slavery.  Kelli, Christi, and I did not get our presentation accepted, so we are just going along for the “ride”….yes!!!

So here is the purpose of this post.  It is to announce that I will be posting my excursions with or without the group.  South Carolina is only the beginning.  The family is planning a trip back to, you guessed it, New York and Boston.  This time the posts will be a bit more personal and focused on history through the eyes of my children.  Aside from South Carolina, the last trip that they will not be present, the observations of my children will be the focus.  So look out world, it is by no means over!!!  Yeah!!