July 3rd and a Display That Would Have Amazed Franklin Himself!

As I write this, I am sitting on my front poch watching a fabulous fireworks display being put on by our own CSU Pueblo. They have the patriotic music being played live and a truly spectacular show. It is a display of pride, patriotism, and honor. What else could I think except, “I feel a blog coming on!”

Out here in the West we do not have a claim to fame like the birthplace of our nation, Philadelphia, but the patriotism displayed in our Colorado skies tonight could be no less felt. While the fireworks were truly a sight to behold, they could not hold a candle to the lightening show going on in the skies behind them. I can think only of Ben Franklin and what would he be thinking? The beautiful explosions in the sky, honoring our glorious country, a country in which he founded. In addition, electricity in the most amazing form, in the sky itself. It is actually hard to tell the difference between the thunder claps and the fireworks. What an awesome experience.

I heard a neighbor say, “we are living right”. I think those words sum it up, we are living right, and this tribute could not have been more appropriate if good ‘ol Ben himself were here to watch it. Have a great 4th everyone and God Bless America.


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