Our Last Day: The Boott Textile Mills in Lowell, Massachusetts


Today we traveled to a town not unlike Pueblo. As a matter of fact, it had the same feel as Pueblo. It was the mill town, Lowell, Massachusetts. We toured the Boott Textile Mills Museum. This tour took us a bit into more recent history, but was a nice addition to our tour of the Boston area.


I enjoyed the tour of the mills and I was really impressed by the fabric and beautiful patterns. After a little practice session of my own on the loom, I really gained an appreciation for the level of difficulty and skill that it takes to create such beautiful cloth.


Back to my Lowell, Pueblo parallel. The age of the town and its buildings is similar but the one thing that I found to be the most similar, were the streetcars. Not now, but in our history Pueblo too had street cars very similar to those we had opportunity to ride in. My great grandfather and great great uncles were streetcar engineers in Pueblo. My grandfather was one of the last to run the streetcar through our fair city streets. I would love it if Pueblo could do the same thing as Lowell and give life to one of the old cars, maybe I will have to get with the Union Historic District.


The piece of the day that I was most impressed with was the lock which we took the boat ride to. The canals that were dug to divert the Merrimack River were impressive in themselves, but to have a lock system on the canal was just almost unbelievable. I have had the opportunity to travel through the Soo Locks in Soo St. Marie Michigan (much larger set-up) and to see something of the same build but on a much smaller scale was a treat!